Only 2 General Insurance brands scored higher than 90% in our Digital Rankings


Insurance and technology are inextricably linked. Insurers were amongst the early adopters of data processing in the 1960’s and the search for new ways to streamline their business has continued ever since.

Today the choice of technologies can seem bewildering with hundreds of systems claiming to transform everything from underwriting to claims to risk management. 

With 15 years’ experience of technology projects across Personal, Commercial and London markets, Altus has seen many of these systems in action. Our consultants understand the insurance sector, how it works, the practical challenges and how technology can help. We work closely with established suppliers and continually research new technology, playing an active role in the Insurtech UK alliance and providing engineered, objective assessments of emerging systems. The combination of technical and sector expertise means our consultants can bring high-impact value to complex projects in very short timescales.

If you want to understand how technology can make your business go faster or how digital can transform it, you should talk to us.