Our Sectors

We are focused exclusively on Investments, Insurance and Banking, to provide the most informed advice on the market

Since 2005 our Investments practice has been at the heart of transformation programmes for scores of Investment Platforms, Life Insurers, Wealth Managers and Retirement Specialists.   

Our unique industry reference models and methods, continuously enhanced over many years of running consulting engagements, provide an accelerator for our work with clients, allowing every Altus consultant to hit the ground running. Each model covers over 1000 capabilities and 200 processes needed in its sector, from Platforms and Life & Pensions to Equity Release and Financial Advice. 

Armed with this powerful toolkit, our professional and approachable team of trusted consultants can tackle any challenge from shaping strategy and propositions to defining and implementing the technology and operating model to deliver them.

With a backdrop of climate change, emerging risks, and M&A activity in the sector, together with new products, new technology and new entrants, there is a wealth of challenges that the Insurance industry faces into.  

Navigating all of this, while growing your business in a market with significant cost pressures, can be challenging. To deliver business transformation and change effectively, requires a methodical, focussed approach.    

Altus Consulting is your partner of choice to deliver positive transformational change. Working across General Insurance, Specialty Markets and Protection & Health to positively accelerate your business transformation, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge, and a highly experienced Insurance Consulting team who have worked at the forefront of the Insurance industry, enabling you to meet your strategic goals.   

Altus Insurance

The nature of banking is changing. Cash use is in rapid decline globally, and a new payments open architecture is fast replacing traditional card and inter-bank payments. Challenger banks compete with Big Tech and a whole ecosystem of FinTechs. A return of inflation has restored “normality” for interest rates. 

Savings, loans and payment providers are having to evolve, and fast. Better data analytics to improve propositions and target the right customers, fitting an agile new architecture around core banking platforms to adapt to changing market dynamics, and collaboration with FinTechs to provide a better customer experience are vital to competing in this market. 

Our in-depth knowledge and suite of industry reference models accelerates our understanding of your business needs, making Altus Consulting your perfect partner to equip you as you transform your organisation to meet these challenges head-on.