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Our Products

With years of industry experience we've developed innovative solutions dedicated to Financial Services

PEAK - Understanding business data

Making change happen faster, enabling real-time analysis and regulatory impact assessment

PEAK underpins the majority of our consulting engagements. It provides rich industry models and documents thousands of information flows to support detailed analysis and scenario modelling. 


A leading benchmarking service that monitors, ranks and promotes digital excellence in the Insurance sector

Insurance is going through a period of transformative change across the industry, and to stay up-to-date, insurers need the latest information. DigitalBar provides valuable measures for internal Insurer teams and vendors servicing the sector, helping shape digital transformation and investment decisions. 

Access up-to-date dashboards, ranking tables and data visualisations to gauge digital capabilities and user experience metrics.  Compare capabilities across multiple product areas and see brands’ digital servicing coverage across the insurance lifecycle.   

DigitalBar is your go-to place for understanding about Insurance Customer Digital Experience.

APEX - Programme Delivery Platform

Our next-gen intelligent solution for impactful change delivery.

Embedded within our cutting-edge “intelligent” change delivery APEX platform (powered by Method Grid), is our comprehensive array of project services that adapt seamlessly to diverse client needs. From strategic overhauls to tactical implementations, APEX covers the entire spectrum of change management approaches.  

Consumer Duty Assessment Tool

A unique benchmarking tool that measures progress and capability against the industry

Altus Consulting has been helping clients to develop a compliant approach and mature their capabilities related to Consumer Duty, which is a complex task under the principles and outcomes-based approach. If you want to discuss your results from the Self-assessment tool, or your approach to Consumer Duty, please contact us