A playbook for transformational change

A playbook for transformational change

In change, communication is king, but do blueprints say enough to deliver real results?

Making transformational change is vital in the lifecycle of any business or market. Whether to gain an advantage over the competition, or as a last role of the dice to remain relevant, there comes a time when ‘business as usual’ becomes untenable. 

The future at Lloyd’s programme and it’s associated ‘blueprints’ set out the changes required to digitise the Lloyd’s insurance market and make it ‘better, faster, and cheaper’, but without a playbook to deliver the ‘how’, will it really deliver the transformation required?

In this whitepaper, we examine the opportunities and limitations of the future at Lloyd’s programme, and explore how and why a playbook could be the key to unlocking the promises of transformation. 

The cautionary take offered by the music industry over the last few decades could be informative to Lloyd’s in its efforts to modernise through its Future at Lloyd’s vision.

Find out how we would help Lloyd’s from becoming an LP record in a digital streaming world.

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