Digital insight and delivery for Financial Services

Our uniquely visual and engineered approach provides the insight, solutions, and confidence you need

With help from Altus Consulting, you can create a powerful technology strategy that will drive your organisation forward. Our strategy and governance framework will ensure that all decisions are backed by solid data, leading to more effective solutions and increased success.

We bring deep technical knowledge across a wide range of system suppliers whilst maintaining complete independence to ensure you choose the right technology solutions to keep you at the forefront of innovation and one step ahead of your competition.

Whether it’s providing expert consultancy, key individuals for specific roles or taking responsibility for delivery of your whole project, working in partnership we can deliver the best outcomes for your organisation and your customers.

With a long and successful history in Financial Services, Altus Consulting provides a range of security services tailored to the requirements of FS organisations. We can help you manage uncertainty in day-today business.

Enterprise & Strategy

Successful business strategy is dependent upon effective enterprise change

Setting business strategy requires more than market insight and good commercial sense, it requires an understanding of your business today: the products, operations and technology that make it work and how these can be realistically and cost-effectively changed to deliver it.  This understanding of client’s overall ‘enterprise’ architecture and using this to plan change, anticipate pitfalls and reduce cost & risk has been at the heart of what Altus Consulting does since our inception in 2005.

We have built the most comprehensive business and technical reference models on the market for Investments and Insurance businesses, covering business capabilities, processes, information flows, products and technical architectures.

Services that clients commonly request from us include technical strategy, enterprise architecture, operating models, architecture maturity assessments, technical cost analysis, transformation planning & execution, architectural governance and training.  We have trained over 500 people in Financial Services enterprise architecture techniques.

Solution & Delivery

Solution architecture is the single most important discipline to get right for successful change

The hardest part of change is the detail, a fact borne out by the large percentage of well-intentioned and well-planned Financial Services transformation projects that overrun or fail to meet their business case at all. We’ve all been involved in them and yet lessons seem almost impossible to learn and projects largely seem destined to suffer the same fate.

We’ve made it our mission to understand the detail to a level which materially reduces the risk of our client’s projects failing but doesn’t bog down their change down with analysis paralysis.

We call it Solution Architecture, and this is the core discipline in which we have been training our consultants since day one. This is not just a technology discipline; it is having technology people with good understanding of Financial Services as well as the right grasp of technology and innovation. It encompasses selecting the right technology, building solutions designs, understanding costs, defining transition states, identifying risks, and presenting it all in way that non-technical people can understand and make the right choices.

 Data & AI

We are passionate about data

In Financial Services, data is our product: money movements, transactions, applications, fund switches, claims, complaints… these are all just data, and understanding how this data flows around your business is essential for operational efficiency, for undertaking change and as the bedrock for effective AI.

Our business is dedicated to understanding and mapping the data that exists in our industry and how this flows within our clients businesses, and across the Financial Services ecosystem. Our industry reference models today incorporate some 28,000 flows of information. At Altus we also understand that data doesn’t always mean knowledge. Data needs to be accurate, of the right quality and presented in the right way to deliver real insight. Our consulting team helps clients with data strategy, data culture, governance, AI strategy, data modelling, MI, data migration and everything else besides data.



Embed security thinking across every element of change

Ensuring the security of systems and data is a top priority for every Financial Services organisation, for whom data, trust and reputation is critical. Cyber Security threats are multiplying and increasing in sophistication, with an estimated 20 million attempted attacks per day using guessed or stolen credentials alone. With 86% of breaches being financially motivated, FS organisations are a key target for both external and internal attacks, and no business is more vulnerable than when it is introducing change.

Our approach is to ensure that security thinking and best practice is embedded not just within your organisation’s BAU operations, but at every stage of the change cycle. By blending our detailed understanding of FS business and technology operations with expertise from our cyber team, we help clients assess cyber risks, prepare for new security legislation, design and deliver a security Target Operating Model, and define a clear plan for continual, cost-effective, cyber security improvements.

Why people work with us

of transformation projects fail
of successful transformation projects are either delayed or over budget
of executives do not see a use case for AI in their organisation
of transformation projects fail
of successful transformation projects are either delayed or over budget
of executives do not see a use case for AI in their organisation

Rich Milne, Director of Partnerships & Transformation

“Altus’s expertise and robust framework gave us verifiable assurance that customer data had successfully migrated to our target platform and enabled us to switch on our new proposition with confidence.”

Leon Deist, Group CIO

“Altus were critical in providing expertise in enabling us to understand and map how data flows through the organisation. Their collaborative approach and meaningful collateral allowed us to take our stakeholders on the journey with us providing real tangible outputs that we could then put into action.”

Kathy Byrne, Chief Executive Officer

“Altus were impressive in their ability to move at speed to deliver this important, yet complex project.”

Steve Burnard, Chief Transformation Officer

“The engagement has provided the Society with a solid foundation from which to build and a clear direction of travel from both an IT Infrastructure, but also application level which gives a clear pathway to future success.”

Claire Gazard, Head of Operations

“Altus have played an invaluable role getting Blackfinch set up on our new Data Platform. Altus quickly understood our data needs and created a plan that has delivered on time a fit for purpose data solution and working Sales Dashboard that provides Blackfinch meaningful and actionable data from across disparate systems in a business- friendly format”

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