CourtCorrect Insurtech Snapshot

CourtCorrect Insurtech Snapshot

CourtCorrect is a fast-expanding complaints AI company based in London. The company applies AI to regulated industries, specialising in UK Financial Services, to help its clients transform their complaints processes and in turn provide a market leading complaints experience for their customers.

The solution combines the use of its superior data sources (over 22m legal and regulatory documents from regulators and courts) unique models (utilising GPT-4- 32k, Llama-2, Cohere and others) and deep expertise (including a research partnership with the University Of Cambridge). The result of the above is a complaints solution that aims to improve customer satisfaction, improve compliance and risk Control as well as providing greater speed and efficiency.

The Altus Insurance Capability Framework summaries the core capabilities of the CourtCorrect proposition, highlighting where it fits within the model.

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