Service Disruption: Next Stop for Claims
Patrick Hayward
Service Disruption: Next Stop For Claims
Written by Patrick Hayward on
Increased regulatory scrutiny and changing customer expectations are driving the need to make the claims experience central to insurer propositions, whilst the financial impact of rising claims costs and the burden of legacy technology conspire to limit their ability to implement transformational change in this area.

What is needed is a holistic rethink of how claims are managed, with a clear focus on exceeding customer expectations of the process, rather than an incremental approach to delivering ‘digital claims'. We explore how the delivery of this requires not just a revolution in technology but fundamentally, a revolution in mindset. Whilst there are areas that will always be beyond the immediate control of the insurer, the industry has the opportunity to develop new, optimised operating models for claims. 

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Service Disruption: Next Stop for Claims

The Altus Consulting whitepaper, ‘Service Disruption: Next stop for Claims' provides exclusive in-depth analysis on the future of claims delivery.

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