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Imran Isa-Dutse
Software Developer
Written by Imran Isa-Dutse on
Imran came to us for his placement year from Bath University and we were thrilled to welcome him back as a permanent employee.

What was your background before joining Altus?

I joined Altus full time after graduating from University of Bath with a Computer Science degree and a lovely placement with the team! 

What attracted you to Altus?

I joined Altus as a Placement Student while studying in Bath. It had a good placement programme allowing me to learn about the products and business as part of the Support team and then finally moving into the Dev Team a few months in.

Tell us a bit about your team.

I work within a team of 10 other developers overall, and we're all grouped into different products/ projects.  I currently work within a small team of 4 developers and 3 testers. I feel like I get on well with them and have ample support as a junior dev, while being able to be independent and grow.

What do you do in your role?

A typical day involves starting the day with a team catch-up where we all update each other on what we're up to in the current dev cycle. Depending on the stage of dev cycle, the day then proceeds with some hard core design, development, testing or training courses. There's always the teams calls/ meetings here and there- meetings, support queries, catch ups, etc.... oh and I shouldn't forget the lunch trip to Mission for a burrito on Thursdays if I'm in the office. At the end of the day, there's also the after work socials a few times a month!

What do you enjoy about working here?

I feel at ease working at Altus. I've met some awesome people and made good friends. While work can naturally get hectic and demanding, it is nice to be able to get together and have fun at the end. The environment is generally supportive and relaxed. The flexible work from home/ office combination we currently have is also a huge plus! 

How has your role changed since being here?

In my case, I began as a placement student with limited responsibility and have had that grow as I transitioned into a full time dev role. During that time, as I've worked on various things and gotten to know the team better, I've seen my skills improve and I've gotten more confident in my role. 

What has made you stay?

The people and culture. I felt very welcome when I joined and enjoy working with the team. I have learnt lots and still have the opportunity to continue to do so from other brilliant devs and co-workers. I also enjoy the impromptu social activities- meals, trips down the pub, games, etc. They really help to get to know my colleagues outside of work!


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