Peter Stonham

Senior Consultant
A keen technologist able to work with and understand complex systems and environments. Peter is a strong advocate of tools, techniques, process and method, which he applies to customer problems to improve their delivery of technology change.

Peter brings a fresh perspective to the technical and process problems the financial services industry faces, offering up new and cutting-edge technology to fix them. With a software design and delivery background, Peter has experience identifying business requirements and engaging with stakeholders at all business levels, to assess, recommend and deliver technical solutions to these requirements. Peter has operated at range of change levels in a variety of large financial services companies and gained an intimate knowledge of key enterprise software components for wealth and insurance, understanding how to integrate them with new technology. He is a particular advocate of microservice frameworks to enable agility in these architectures. Peter has led activities across the full software development lifecycle, from architecture assessment and requirements gathering phases, through to system and interface design, management of development teams and user acceptance. He has experience in designing and delivering systems in highly regulated environments and has particular expertise in payments systems.
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