Altus enables our clients to build effective solutions using technology provided by Insurtechs

Enabling your organisation to work with Insurtechs

Altus works with our clients at all stages of the supplier selection process, from identifying technology and business solutions, through determining the best fit to meet clients’ needs, to delivering the technology or business change.   


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Working with our clients, strategic aims are identified, often requiring changes to existing technology, the integration of new technologies and operational and business process changes.  Typically, our industry specialist consultants work with client teams to understand the requirements and the strategy.  We will map this at a high level and using our established PEAK Insurtech database, together with our breadth of insurance industry knowledge, we will identify and “long list” solutions that can meet the strategic aims.



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Altus provide a well-established methodology for enabling clients to select a technology or business solution.  Our consultants will work with the client to identify the key areas of the business that are required from the solution, mapping to our Capability and Process models, and cross-reference with the detailed capabilities of the clients’ short-listed technology solutions. 

We hold workshops (onsite, remotely or virtually), to establish the solution providers’ capabilities, and will score against our recognised industry models.  This provides a robust and auditable method for evaluating business and technology solutions.

Naturally, the final decision is in the hands of the client, armed with a visual representation of each potential supplier to give them exactly the information they require.



Once a supplier has been selected, Altus can work as part of the client team to deliver the solution, providing a range of roles, from business and technical architecture, through product development and integration, to the lower level technical delivery, testing and implementation.  This is part of our Programme Delivery Service, more information can be found here