Cyber Security

Ensuring the security of systems and data is a key priority for financial services organisations, for whom data and trust are business critical assets.

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Welcome to the evolving Cyber Security landscape of 2022

Cyber Security threats are multiplying and increasing in sophistication. However, cyber-attacks too often succeed because of known vulnerabilities or poor or non-existent cyber security practices. While sophisticated hostile state attacks make exciting headlines, more damage is done daily by social media, denial of service, and ransomware attacks.

Every organisation’s journey to cyber safety begins with a solid foundation of basic cyber hygiene.

Of the 39%, the most common threat vector was phishing attempts but also included denial of service, malware, or ransomware attacks*  

*DCMS Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

Altus digital’s Cyber Security experts can help you prepare for the pending Cyber Security legislation, enhance your Cyber Security through industry “Best Practice” and design and deliver a Security Target Operating Model ensuring a clear plan for continual, cost-effective, cyber security improvements.

How Safe Is Your Password? 80% of attacks use stolen or guessed credentials – 20 million attacks per day. How can we defend against these attacks? Principal Consultant Misha Dorman explains the threats and provides practical guidance, both for users and for organisations and implementors.

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Worried about the security of your systems? Need help finding the right identity management provider? Want advice on setting security policy for your organisation? We can help.

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Answers to common questions below, or use the contact form to ask us a question directly!

What is Altus Digital?

Altus Digital is your delivery, assurance and advisory partner for all Digital Transformation programmes. Our solutions and recommendations are backed by pragmatic and practical architecture designed to enable rapid, efficient change. Altus can provide expert consultancy, key individuals for specific roles or we can take responsibility for delivery of your whole project.

What services do you provide?

We can provide a wide range of cyber security services. Previous engagements include:

  • Security Requirements and Controls Framework for a major high street bank
  • Digital Identity and Access Management for a specialist friendly society
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for the investment business of a well-known brand
  • Web Application Firewall implementation for an advice business
  • Security Risk Assessment and Post-Event Root Cause Analysis for a life insurance firm
  • Security Information and Event Management for an investment platform business
  • Security/Penetration Test Management for a wealth management firm

How do I contact you?

Feel free to message our security expert Ben Ford or use the contact form provided.