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Over 200 clients and 1,000 engagements across financial services


Making Financial Services faster isn’t just about picking the best software. It involves understanding the operations of a business, comparing them to best practice and tuning the whole machine to improve its efficiency.  

Our challenger Consulting business is now over 10 years old and our approach is unique: blending deep industry insight with solid engineering.  The methods and models we use to analyse problems and visualise our findings have been rigorously designed, developed and refined over hundreds of engagements. We have helped more than 200 different financial services clients with assignments that range from advising on acquisitions and new markets, to business and technical operating models, technology selection and helping deliver some of the industry’s largest transformations.

The same rigorous approach underpins the methodology we follow to implement Altus systems. Ensuring a client’s specific business challenges are clearly understood, modelled and translated into the right configuration means they get maximum benefit from their investment in our software.