PDP confirms Altus and ITM as first Alpha participants in next Pensions Dashboards development stage

Financial services software specialist Altus and pensions data and platform technology specialist ITM have been confirmed as the first Alpha participants to begin testing their connection. This announcement shows the significant progress made by the Pensions Dashboards Programme, with dashboards on-track – working towards connecting the first group of staged data providers in 2023.

This announcement recognises the strong progress made by Altus and ITM in the development of our solution and our readiness to participate in the next stage of testing.

This phase will see the connection and flow of data undergo rigorous testing, ensuring its fit for purpose and identifying protocol to prepare other providers to connect.

The Pensions Dashboards Programme is implementing a phased roll out of the Pensions Dashboards as set out in the DWP consultation earlier this year. The testing process will see the digital architecture connected and will use artificial data to start with, and will move on to real data with the cooperation of volunteer pension providers.

Altus and ITM announced their partnership last November, which saw them join forces to become the industry’s first commercial Pensions Dashboards Integrated Service Provider (ISP) with an open-market connection to pensions dashboards. They’ve since unveiled their joint solution, Pension Fusion, as a secure, reliable and hassle-free way for data providers to connect to the dashboards ecosystem.

Maurice Titley, ITM Chief Innovation Officer, said: “Over the past few months, we have worked very closely with the Pensions Dashboard Programme and we are delighted to be confirmed as first Alpha participants. This announcement is testament of the trust the Pensions Dashboard Programme has placed in our understanding of the challenges faced by the industry, and recognises that our solution is most advanced and ready to connect pension providers to the Pensions Dashboards.” 

Ben Cocks, Altus Director, said: “We are delighted to be able to support the PDP in the next phase of the Pensions Dashboards implementation. Pooling on Altus and ITM’s combined expertise, we are developing a straightforward route to compliance. This announcement proves that our dashboard connection solution is the cornerstone of a successful rollout of the pensions dashboard.”