Chandler Close Sheltered Accommodation - Altus Volunteering
The last Altus volunteering of the year finished off with a large task redecorating a sheltered accommodation hall, & tidying up the outside with some gardening, after we were asked by Bath & North East Somerset volunteering to help out at this local organisation.

Altus Staff     Altus Staff painting 

This ended with a fantastic seaside party in the newly redecorated hall, organised by us for the residents. This included a fish & chip lunch, bingo, eating some baked fruit cake (made by one of our volunteers) and finished up with a sing-song with one of our colleagues on the guitar.

Michael Plows, BANES Volunteer Services Manager commented:

What an amazing group of colleagues you have at Altus & what an event they put on for the residents of Chandler Close. Sarah the lead was great & Richard Phillips who was the bingo caller had the room in fits of laughter. I haven’t mentioned all the others but Altus have really made a difference for so many people.

Alison Collier, Altus Consulting Operations Manager commented: 

After meeting John (Resident Chairman) and learning about the community in Chandler Close, we could see the hall was a social hub. We wanted to help refresh the hall and gardens so they can continue to be enjoyed by the many residents and friends of Chandler Close. We thoroughly enjoyed holding a lunch to celebrate the great community they have and to mark the completion of our work there.







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