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By engaging all the key LV= stakeholders in compiling the new view of our landscape, Altus took us on a journey of discovery – we all look at the world very differently now.


Radical change to the retirement landscape, a growing demand for self-service capability and a relentless challenge to margins are all driving more and more organisations to look at platform technology as the panacea.


It’s a fascinating time to be working in the General Insurance industry. With hundreds of InsurTech companies worldwide looking to disrupt the UK insurance market and over £30 billion of GWP to go after, there’s plenty on offer for them.

Digital (‘robo’) advice

Never have a few small words grabbed the attention of the industry in such a short space of time. Driven by both the Treasury and Regulator in a concerted attempt to close the ‘advice chasm’, robo advice is on the agenda in pretty much every boardroom and every innovation hub – either to maximise the undoubted opportunities or defend against an emerging and very real threat.

Retirement and Long Term Savings

Following Brexit and a change in Government, it’s been a quiet time in pensions - relatively speaking. The current chancellor has lived up to his staid reputation, barely touching on pensions in his Autumn Statement and Spring Budget. Could this welcome respite for pension providers’ change teams finally allow them space to develop some genuinely innovative propositions for long term savers?

Distribution Models

With a reported 80% plus of all new investment flows going via platforms – and with the rise of the robos - the vision, strategies and delivery capabilities of the key players in the value chain – banks and building societies, fund and asset managers, distributors, platforms, tool and content providers, technology suppliers - have never been more important.

D2C Investing

Direct platforms are growing but how do providers stand out in a crowded market to build a loyal customer base?

Operational Efficiency

The search for the holy grail of operational efficiency is never more important than in straitened times. With potentially high costs associated with change, how does a business decide where to focus its efforts?


A revolution is underway in how we access online services. In 2010 less than 5% of hits to web sites came from a mobile device. By the end of 2014 this had shot up to around 25%.