Technical Briefing Paper: Selecting the right delivery partner

Technical Briefing Paper: Selecting the right delivery partner

How can we select the right delivery partner? You can’t just trust your gut – a flashy proposal is one thing, validating that they can deliver is another. Make sure you’ve selected the right partner for success using a method-driven selection process.

When selecting a delivery partner, a number of elements will fall into the equation. Selection processes will vary between organisations, as will past experiences, and delivery priorities.

Core to the selection should be an assessment where the weightings of different factors are considered, prospective partners are scored and the outputs quantified. Whilst first impressions, vendor approved partners, shared experiences from competitors and existing relationships with vendors are important, any decision reached needs to be justifiable if delivery starts to falter.

Find out our approach to selection, which we run with our clients where a formal RFP process best fits the requirements.

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