Change is in the air once more

Change is in the air once more

Significant change to the world of work approaches in the shape of IR35 reforms.

As the promise of Spring starts to show through in the first snowdrops, significant change to the world of work approaches in the shape of IR35 reforms. Now is the time to reflect not only on the past year of adaptation, but also on how the working world must continue to change, and to ensure preparations are in hand for April. 

Steve Hawes, Altus Programme Delivery Director considered the impact of COVID-19 on change delivery programmes in his recent blog. Add to this the requirement to reconsider how change projects are resourced from beginning to end, and there are myriad factors for organisations to consider in ensuring successful change delivery as they navigate this new world. 

Over the years, the shape of resourcing change programmes has progressed from large permanent teams, the ‘bums on seats’ approach, through to cushioning the peaks of project delivery pressures by topping up with contractors at critical moments; the ‘need more bodies’ approach. This way of getting a job done becomes much more complex after April. 

How has Altus been preparing to adapt to these new requirements? Meticulous planning, robust processes and governance are part of it. We are delighted to have partnered with Kingsbridge to use their IR35 Status Determination Assessment tool, which provides legal and tax expertise to assess each potential contract with our Associates. We’ve spent hours thinking through and assessing our operating framework to ensure it supports the new requirements. Little did we know we would become IR35 geeks in the process! 

Altus’ aim remains the same: to be able to deliver a flexible mix of resources, skills and expertise to get a job done, to answer questions and to solve Clients’ problems. The Altus’ APEX Programme Delivery framework with its menu of Managed Services enables Clients to focus on the specific work deliverable, and Altus looks after the rest.  

This is going to take some getting used to and a real re-think in programme and resource planning and approach. Bringing in contractors with no specific outcome in mind will become a thing of the past, and perhaps that’s no bad thing when considering what makes successful change happen. In change delivery the answer to the question, “How are we going to get this job done” is “need more bodies”, but this is not always the real solution as Altus MD Kev Okell wrote back in December

Whether the requirement is a complex multi layered release that needs a robust test approach, programme management to ensure successful project delivery, or analysis of data for a business-critical migration, the APEX framework and associated Managed Services enables Altus to put together the right set of skills to get the job done.  

At Altus as we move from planning through to implementation stage in the run up to April, we’ll be sharing some of our learning along the way.  

In the meantime, enjoy those cold walks as Spring unfolds beneath our feet, and embrace the change. 

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