Altus Consulting joins GRiD

Altus Consulting joins GRiD

Altus Consulting, the specialist financial services consulting firm, has joined GRiD in order to benefit from the industry body’s insights and to ensure it is at the forefront of developments in the sector.

With over 150 financial services clients, it is crucially important that Altus’ consultants have a deep understanding of the industries in which they operate to determine how technology can underpin their businesses.

Altus will particularly benefit from the opportunity to network with leading figures in the group risk protection sector and to learn about future legislative and regulatory issues within the industry.

Mark Andrews, Insurance Director, Altus Consulting said: “Altus Consulting is delighted to join GRiD. We are excited to be an active participant in shaping and influencing the market as the industry continues to evolve. As a business with consultants rich in cross-sector experience, we continually drive key industry debate agendas and the shaping of policy. We firmly believe in industry-wide collaboration and look forward to getting involved with the other members.”

Paul White, chair of GRiD said: “I know that Altus’ focus on technology will be of interest to many of our members who are looking to increase understanding how the industry can better optimise and streamline its processes as we move forward.

“We welcome members from outside of our immediate industry as they often bring new ways of approaching issues and tackling challenges to help us promote the uptake of corporate group risk protection benefits. We look forward to knowledge sharing in both directions with Altus, our newest member.”

Visit the GRiD website here

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