Staff sat around a table behind a blind
Altus has completed over 1,000 consulting engagements for our clients


Finding the right advice is hard in an industry undergoing seismic changes, from customer engagement to technology innovation and new regulatory scrutiny.

As a challenger Consulting business we do things differently. Our focus is not on selling you people and time, the modern financial services business needs more than that. We blend together deep industry insight with rigorously engineered models and repeatable methods, to give our clients quick results and surety of outcome.  

The power of our models is amplified by the quality of our people, with an average of over 15 years’ experience in operations and technology roles, all of our staff have experienced the rough and the smooth of change first hand – we believe this is essential in order to be an effective consultant.  Our staff understand the environment, from the regulations that govern it to the detail of the processes and IT systems which enable it. 

We are a close-knit team and you get the backing of this team in every engagement: if there is a question on regulatory impact or an obscure process, they can talk to the person at Altus who wrote the industry reference model.  If you need to interface to a particular IT system, chances are we will have someone who’s worked with that system before who can advise.