Holloway Friendly: Society Systems Replacement Programme


Holloway Friendly is a mutual society owned by its members. Its aim is to make protection more accessible to everyone. Started in 1880, by George Holloway, to give people protection from lost earnings through illness or injury, Holloway Friendly has always been a market leader. The original product, incorporating a retirement savings element, is now known across the industry as a ‘Holloway Contract’. Since then a number of other innovative products have been introduced to help the society meet its aim and help its members. To meet demands of a changing market and deliver value to its members, Holloway has undertaken a major business transformation including a replacement of its Policy Admin System (PAS).

Project Details

Client: Holloway Friendly
Location: Gloucester
c18,000 members
70 employees
98% income protection claims paid in 2018
£6.7m premium income (net of reinsurance)

Altus Engagement

When Holloway Friendly needed to replace its protection policy administration and underwriting systems, they turned to experts Altus Consulting to help them define its requirements and select a new solution. Working closely with the senior leadership team, Altus brought its industry reference models to identify Holloway’s requirements, understand what the business needs were to support the business moving forward and enable Holloway to deliver an improved service to its existing members and increase market share.


Using our industry reference models to identify Holloway’s requirements, Altus consultants evaluated a number of options and short-listed potential vendors before running a process to select a preferred supplier and helping to negotiate commercials. Altus provided ongoing technical and solution architecture services to ensure the implementation was based on firm foundations to support Holloway’s growth aspirations.

Business Capabilities

Altus consultants worked closely with Holloway staff to determine what the Society did and the external entities it exchanged information with. This was then used to produce a capability map of Holloway’s business in order to drive the transformation programme.

Altus then undertook work to understand the maturity of these capabilities and where Holloway wanted to be in the future. Using its maturity assessments, these outcomes were clearly shown in the highly visual Altus-style deliverables that allow all business areas to see where improvements would be targeted and allow work packages to prioritise business transformation to deliver ROI as soon as possible.

“Altus proved to be an excellent business partner and constantly delivered high quality advice against a challenging brief during a period of rapid change. Altus consultants were professional and easy to work with as colleagues on the team. The scope of the project was very broad and their capability model ensured we didn’t waste time on unnecessary developments.”

Stuart Tragheim, CEO, Holloway Friendly

Architecture experts

Altus consultants used their extensive technical architecture knowledge and resource to work closely with Holloway to understand its current system landscape and design the future target state to meet the requirements of the transformation programme and other in-flight projects.

With this information, a number of transition states were identified and planned. This allowed the dependencies to be understood and fed into the PAS replacement project.

Program support

Altus provided on-going technical architecture support, as well as assistance in other programmes such as GDPR and IT security, as the programme progressed. Altus worked closely with suppliers and the in-house teams to ensure the projects were adhering to the strategic roadmap and also offered guidance and advice on enhancing the IT capabilities of the society.

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