Case study

Case study


About GBST

 Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, GBST provides global technology and digital solutions for financial services organisations.

Founded in 1983

Clients across Europe, Australia, NZ, the US and Canada 

Technology supports over 5.5m investor accounts globally 

Owned by Anchorage Capital Partners (ACP), also based in Sydney

Project Details

Client: GBST
Location: Headquartered in Sydney , Australia,

Altus Engagement

 GBST was undertaking a strategic review of its business and product strategy in order to present a clear direction and vision for the GBST Wealth Management business. Altus were asked to provide a market view and recommendation report detailing how GBST could maximise existing opportunities as well as which new markets, opportunities or territories to target.

 Following an initial review, and the subsequent acquisition by Anchorage Capital Partners, Altus were further engaged to refresh and expand the initial findings to inform a new strategic growth committee. 

Detailed investigation of a range of  identified growth options was undertaken. This included a focus on existing clients, potential future clients, potential partnerships and the capabilities required to compete in new markets and geographies.


Following confirmation and approval of the brief, Altus quickly mobilised an experienced platforms and technology team to complete the initial engagement within a six-week period.

Many of the consultants involved had worked with GBST in the past, so understood the history and current capabilities. A series of interactive workshops were hosted, the output from which was supplemented with a detailed target market review and investigation into a range of expansion options.

Altus used our intricate knowledge of the UK financial services landscape, in addition to a wealth of information held in an internal Knowledge Base, to help complete the report.  This was supplemented by a wide range of market and technical insight gained through involvement in a wide range of recent platform strategy projects and implementation programmes.

“The market insight provided by Altus enabled us to validate our strategic vision and more accurately prioritise development effort with a view to achieving our ambition. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of output and professionalism of the team.”

David Simpson, Head of EMEA

Clear Strategy

Following delivery of the Altus report, GBST were able to refocus business development efforts as well as prioritise investment required to compete in other areas of the investments market.

Altus continues to work closely with GBST and Anchorage Capital Partners to further analyse and implement several of the initiatives and opportunities identified in the report, further enabling a focussed approach to continued investment in GBST.

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