Chris Moore, Digital Senior Consultant

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Chris has been working in financial services for 15 years, with experience focused retail banking, mortgages & platforms

What was your background before joining Altus?

Prior to Altus, I spent twelve years with Nationwide Building Society in various IT roles (developer, business analyst, fraud strategy etc). Outside of financial services, I spent time working across the Technical Security portfolio at Vodafone & implemented MS Dynamics CRM and a BPM tool at Wessex Water.

What attracted you to Altus?

I am motivated by learning new things, solving problems and working on large, challenging projects. Whilst I enjoyed the variety afforded by contracting, I didn’t enjoy the sense of a ‘lack of belonging’ that being an contractor brings. A friend of mine works at Altus and sold me on the Consulting side of the business. I realised that not only could Altus offer me what I wanted professionally but also the chance to challenge myself further, all without the downsides of contracting.

Tell us a bit about your team.

From my first day at Altus I realised something was different, there are so many great people in the team who are happy to share their knowledge & experience, there is a real sense of collaboration to the way we work and a feeling that everybody wants you to succeed.

What do you do in your role?

A whole variety of things ranging from working within our clients Architecture function as an Enterprise or Solution Architect; identifying suitable IT solutions for clients through to writing thought leadership & sales proposals. Rarely are any two days the same!

What do you enjoy about working here?

For me it’s the opportunities that working for a consultancy bring, we help shape strategy and work with decision makers to effect change. I am fortunate to work on a wide variety of assignments, for different clients, in different sectors of the industry. On a personal level, I feel that Altus really care about employees and their career development, plus we have a good social calendar!

How has your role changed since being here?

I have been with Altus for just over 2 years now. I started as a Consultant and have since progressed to a Senior Consultant. Altus has given me the opportunity to influence my career development, I am generally able to focus in on roles that interest me and am encouraged to get involved in internal change initiatives where I feel I can make a difference.

What has made you stay?

I have learned more in 2 years working for Altus than I did in 6 as a contractor! Altus provides me with interesting roles where I can continue to develop and grow. We have a great culture, I feel valued, I have support from my colleagues and management but most of all I enjoy coming to work.

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