Ortec Finance Wealthtech Vendor Snapshot

Ortec Finance Wealthtech Vendor Snapshot

OPAL Financial Planning is a leading software solution used by Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers globally. Ortec Finance, the company behind it, has, since its establishment in 1981, grown into a globally operating company with over 350 employees, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and with offices in London, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, and Zurich. With over 40 years of investment expertise, Ortec Finance takes a unique approach to goals-based cashflow planning, combining it with its scenario analysis method, using the latest economic data to provide realistic outcomes for clients of wealth managers, banks and IFAs to help them achieve their financial goals and manage expectations throughout their financial journey.

This wealthtech vendor snapshot has been put together with insight from Ortec Finance, and is presented in an easy to digest document, using Altus Consulting visual Financial Advice frameworks. 

Altus Consulting will be releasing further snapshots in the coming months, so building a comprehensive overview of the wealthtech vendor ecosystem. 

You can download the PDF below.

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