McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) Insurtech Snapshot

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) Insurtech Snapshot

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) provides immediate post event, multi-sourced data and the military grade intelligence that creates dynamic and three-dimensional loss information.

The company uses its proprietary Saas, geospatial platform, the Global Events Observer (GEO), MIS systematically tracks and responds to catastrophes.

GEO has the ability to host a vastly broad dataset, including satellite and drone imagery, radar, mobile phone, ground, and sensor data. This raw data, it is vetted by trained and experienced former military intelligence analysts to ensure accuracy and then translated into something actionable, which means when clients receive the intelligence, they can rely upon it immediately rather than having to undertake additional work. MIS empower decision making in real time, vital in the immediate aftermath of a major event, whether from natural catastrophes or manmade conflicts, all involving multi- peril coverage.

The Altus Insurance Capability Framework summaries the core capabilities of the MIS proposition, highlighting where it fits within the model.

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