Altus joins The-Pensions-Net-Work

Altus joins The-Pensions-Net-Work

As part of its ongoing participation in a range of industry forums Altus has added The-Pensions-Net-Work to the list of industry bodies, associations and societies in which it regularly participates.

The-Pensions-Net-Work is chaired by John Moret, and is a membership based standing conference in pensions and employee benefits which meets regularly to consider matters of importance to the industry. It allows time to listen to leading experts and opinion formers and debate possible ways forward.  

Robert Holford, Life & Pensions Director commented:

“we are delighted to join The-Pensions-Net-Work as corporate members. With several big regulatory challenges and the growing expectations of consumers for more seamless integration of all their financial services in the digital world, it has never been more important for the industry to engage closely and share best practices to meet these expectations.  

The meetings offer a lively forum for some of the industry’s experts and thought leaders to gather to discuss and debate the latest issues and developments across the pensions industry.  

Altus is a regular contributor to industry conferences, regulatory consultations and standards development discussions and we look forward to adding our voice to some of the key regulatory changes that are approaching in the areas of pensions dashboards, value for money and consumer duty 

Most of all we look forward to being part of the discussion as to how the industry can shift its approach to being even more consumer focused; building products and services for consumers that are based on deeper, data-driven understanding of the outcomes and interactions that they are looking to our industry to deliver.” 

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