Over the past 5 years Altus has benchmarked over 2000 digital insurance journeys


Altus DigitalBar - digital maturity and customer journey videos for top general insurers (free trial access).

Investment in digital capabilities has been key for insurers in the past five years. Altus research since 2015 has shown that significant improvements have been made across the policy lifecycle, but work continues at pace. Our previous infographics have ranked insurers depending on the maturity of the digital journeys offered and results have been visualised on the Altus “digital donut” (see 2017 & 2018 research). DigitalBar takes that research to another level by allowing exclusive access to insurance customer journeys as well as the rankings previously published. DigitalBar captures over 400 screenshots and customer journey videos, along with digital scoring across the full policy lifecycle.

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Some of the brands covered in our analysis:

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