Travel Insurance: The Digital Experience
Following our 2018 Digital Rankings for Home and Motor, have a look at our follow-up analysis of the digital capabilities of leading Direct Travel Insurance providers and a view of joining up the insurance experience.

With the holiday season upon us, we’ve extended our analysis of insurers’ digital capability to Direct Travel Insurance providers. 

Customer acquisition through digital channels remains key for insurers - recognising the need to enable customers to get to a price quickly, a “quick quote” functionality is becoming more readily available from providers.  However, other areas of the customer journey remain offline, particularly in-life changes and renewals.  If you do have a policy from one of the providers with an app, additional functionality is unlocked, particularly useful if things go wrong. 

Looking into the future, we are seeing more technology disruption, using data and other integrations to enable cover to be activated when required and claims automatically paid – insurers providing parametric cover for flight delays, for example.

Imagining where this could go – it has to be a seamless, joined up experience for customers, integrated with other products and services. 

Insurance Disrupters possibilities

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