Cybercrime losses are now running at $5tn globallyAltus Digital Logo

Security is a process, not a product

Ensuring the security of systems and data is a key priority for financial services organisations, for whom data and trust are business critical assets.

Threats are increasing year-on-year, with cybercrime losses now running at $5tn globally – with ransomware alone costing over $15bn. Altus’ Security Consultancy can help you identify, assess and mitigate those threats.

Information Security products abound – but implementing even the best product in itself is not enough. Too many organisations have bought shiny new software or appliances, done an initial configuration, and then assumed that they are properly protected. Threats evolve and attacks grow ever more sophisticated. What was good practice a year or two ago may now be barely sufficient and could soon become inadequate. And the best technical security measures in the world can be undone by lax operational procedures.

To deliver true improvements in security, processes need to be put in place to monitor and maintain systems and processes, and to manage security risks as they evolve.

Whether you are implementing a new admin platform, or need to review your existing security profile and put in place an improvement roadmap, Altus can help. Our consultants have provided clients with expert advice across a wide range of security issues including:

  • Security Requirements and Controls Framework for a major high street bank
  • Digital Identity and Access Management for a specialist friendly society
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for the investment business of a well-known brand
  • Web Application Firewall implementation for an advice business
  • Security Risk Assessment and Post-Event Root Cause Analysis for a life insurance firm
  • Security Information and Event Management for an investment platform business
  • Security/Penetration Test Management for a wealth management firm

Altus are vendor-neutral and platform agnostic, working with clients to implement secure websites, authentication/2FA and payment solutions, SIEMs, WAFs and more.