Platforms: who's leading the charge?
In this new whitepaper, we provide an exclusive, in-depth analysis of a platform market in a state of upheaval and transition.

These changes are being driven by a combination of factors including legislative change and significant investment. But how long before the platform industry is fully charged and ready to be unplugged?

Likening Platforms to the automotive industry, we analyse what is a massively complex and commercially active market and explain how existing and newly developed technologies can be harnessed to ensure the future viability of the brands we know and love.


Platforms: who's leading the charge whitepaper













"If there is a thing that we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper or better than a competition, there is no point in doing it further - we should hire the one who does it better than we do." This quote, allegedly from Henry Ford was delivered over a century ago but rings true today in almost any sector.

No matter the industry, be it cars, investment platforms or financial advice firms, no firm is expected to be entirely self-sufficient. Businesses will always look to the market for help in achieving operational efficiency, often through an outsource partnership arrangement.


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