Altus leads Off The Record Strategy Day

Altus leads Off The Record Strategy Day

Following our recent announcement that Off the Record became our chosen charity for 2019, we welcomed the team to Bath Golf Club and spent the day helping them shape their business strategy for the coming year.

Off The Record’s Director Phil Walters commented: Simon Bussy and Ally Collier from Altus prepared and facilitated a brilliant opportunity for OTR – we had 5 staff, a trustee, placement student and a volunteer. They skilfully worked with us to reflect on who we are, what we do and what our strategy for the future could be. As part of the day new insights and opportunities were identified by the group, and we’ll be looking at taking the learning and sharing it further with trustees, staff and volunteers. A huge thank you to Simon, Ally and Altus for taking a genuine interest and involvement in OTR, partnering with us to be better and support more young people to be confident and resilient”.

Off The Record team feedback:

  • It was so nice to engage in the day, and have Simon & Ally to lead it through. Simon’s honesty really set the day up brilliantly, and genuinely focused the mind on what really matters and why we all do what we do.
  • We all felt extremely well looked after – lots of compliments on the food/drink and venue”.
  • As a volunteer counsellor, I had no idea about some of the things we manage & deal with. This has given me a greater insight into what the directors spend their time doing.
  • The structure of the day and facilitation was really helpful and engaging.
  • It was great to be with a group of people from OTR that I wouldn’t normally be with, it has given me a much greater insight into other parts of OTR.

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