Over 31 million pension operations processed through our systems


With an ageing population and growing demands on state resources, pensions have steadily climbed up the political agenda in recent years.

This has led to some seismic changes in the retirement landscape: A-Day, The Pensions Regulator, auto-enrolment and Pension Freedoms have all combined to shine a spotlight on workplace pensions. They have also added volume and complexity to the operational processes which support those pensions - from trading in funds to paying, taxing and reporting benefits.


Altus software has been designed from the ground up to help pensions administrators deal with increased volumes and more flexibility. Altus has campaigned hard for open standards and our systems introduce consistent processes across all activities with automated controls, electronic messages and real time reporting. Our pension fund trading products (AIG and AFG) provide high-performance STP solutions which have slashed processing times and eliminated paper from a historically fax-driven process. Meanwhile, APG has enabled providers to handle rapidly growing volumes of pension payments and to tax and report these reliably and efficiently