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90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years*Altus Digital Logo

Unleash the power of data

The second law of thermodynamics describes the inevitable march of entropy towards chaos and disorder.

Like entropy, data continues to expand and many companies are so busy trying to avert chaos, they see oceans of data as a threat rather than opportunity. Fortunately, technology can help, but you have to know how to use that technology to harness the power in your data.

At Altus we understand that data doesn’t always mean knowledge. Data needs to be accurate, of the right quality and presented in the right way to deliver real insight. Having completed numerous data engagements for financial services businesses of all shapes and sizes, Altus can help with:

  • Information and data strategy for a large UK affinity group 
  • Data analysis and modelling for a top 20 UK general insurer
  • Data Warehousing for a specialist income protection provider
  • Data Analytics and Visualisation for a global payments processor
  • Business Intelligence (including MI and reporting) for a number of mutual societies

*Source: Jacquelyn Bulao, Tech Jury, September 2020