Membership and Affiliations

Altus is an active participant of several industry bodies, associations and societies and contributes to industry conferences, regulatory consultations and standards development on a regular basis.

Association of Project Management

Association for Project Management

The only chartered membership organisation representing the project profession in the world, building the profile and respect the profession warrants and setting the most exacting standard.



Association of Financial Mutuals Logo

Association of Financial Mutuals

The Association of Financial Mutuals is the trade body that represents mutual and not-for-profit insurers, friendly societies and other financial mutuals across the UK. It promotes a better understanding of mutuals, encouraging mutual support and mutual approaches to business and public policy.


CDA logo

The Consumer Duty Alliance (CDA)

The Consumer Duty Alliance is an independent, ‘not-for-profit’ professional body supporting the personal finance sector to adopt and implement good Consumer Duty outcomes. It incorporates the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce and the adoption of a consumer facing Financial Vulnerability Charter.


Diversity Project

Diversity Project 

The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative championing a truly diverse and inclusive UK investment and savings industry with the right talent to deliver the best possible financial outcomes for our clients, to reflect the society we serve and ultimately build more sustainable businesses.



The Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) is the UK’s leading trade association for firms that provide wealth management and financial advice to everyone from individuals and families to charities, pension funds, trusts and companies.



Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA)

TISA is the premier industry-funded body working with the retail financial services industry, political parties, HM Treasury (HMT), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to enhance and improve the range, features, benefits, promotion and quality of savings and investment schemes available to all UK citizens.


The Investment Network logo

The Investment Network

The Investment Network is chaired by Clive Waller, and backed by a management board made up of some of the most respected and experienced figures in the industry, whose contacts and influence help to ensure that leading experts are engaged to speak on issues of the greatest importance and concern to members.


The Pensions Network logo


The-Pensions-Net-Work is chaired by John Moret, and is a membership based standing conference in pensions and employee benefits which meets four times a year to consider matters of importance to the industry. It allows time to listen to leading experts and opinion formers and debate possible ways forward.