Altus has partnered with AKG Financial Analytics (AKG) to publish an exclusive new paper which connects their respective expertise in operational resilience and financial strength.

The paper aims to bring readers up to speed with the FCA’s programme of operational resilience work and its associated requirements for platform operators, as well as considering financial strength as part of the foundation for successful ongoing attainment and delivery of this operational resilience. 

Operational resilience and disaster recovery are often viewed as hypothetical planning scenarios. However, the events and challenges of the past two years have served to bring both requirements into sharp focus, illustrating their reality. 

Ben Hammond, Altus Investments Director says; “Altus is delighted to be partnering with AKG on the release of this new paper, highlighting the incredibly important area of operational resilience. This is an area which the whole of the industry is required to address and not just because the regulator says they must, but to ensure consistently good customer outcomes.”