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Shaping Mobile Financial Services Paper
In a report published in March 2014, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) stated that out of the top 50 Financial Services companies in the UK – such as banks, insurers and loan providers – nearly a quarter do not have a mobile-optimised website or app.

More recent research from Altus in December 2014 on a sample of 150 banks, insurers and wealth managers found that just over half failed a basic mobile-friendly website test on their main website. And it was not that these organisations were new to mobile interaction – 42% of those who failed already had an app on one of the mobile app stores.


Shaping Mobile in FS


Through a combination of our up-to-date market knowledge, Reference Architecture and experienced business and technical consultants, you can gain greater confidence in the results of your mobile initiatives. Examples of the services we provide our clients include:

  • Mobile Market and Trends - independent insight into this fast-moving marketplace, common challenges, pitfalls and best practices for success.
  • FS Mobile Benchmarking - gain a clear understanding of where you stand compared to your competitors.
  • Mobile Strategy - business and technical direction to cement your mobile engagement on solid foundations.
  • Mobile Reference Model - off-the-shelf reference model to allow you to frame your internal initiatives and discussions with suppliers.
  • Mobile Initiatives Review - validation of your current mobile initiatives against a Logical Reference Model to ensure coherence and give confidence in their success.
  • Mobile Architecture - a joined-up view merging your organisation’s business and technology concerns into a targeted and viable architecture.

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