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Our PEAK industry models describe over 10,000 business interactions and cover 4,000 capabilities
Mark Huxley
Reaching your “PEAK” Power
Written by Mark Huxley on
How complete, business-wide analysis of the critical operating parts of your organisation can help build the greater sum of your individual parts.

There is an adage amongst entrepreneurs that the real improvements in an organisation come when you can work ON the business rather than IN it. A lovely sentiment but being honest how many of us get the chance to do that with all the challenges that everyday life throws up, or as an organisation gets bigger and we struggle to see all the edges of all the critical parts of its inter-operations? 

Traditionally structure manages risk

Of course, we all build structures around us to address this and empower individuals to direct the critical elements of our organisation. This of course covers the ability to create sufficient conduct risk to ensure compliance and ability to meet the corporate goals. But, and it’s a big but, too many organisations do not invest in taking the higher, helicopter view of the whole organisation. And if they do, the forensic lens that delves into individual areas is often not fully in focus. As such this has become a gap in the corporate capability.

Since we arrived at Altus and immersed ourselves in the sheer breadth of capabilities we have, we have centred upon Altus PEAK; our proprietary platform that analyses, calculates and then visualises any organisation’s key capabilities in individual operational areas and more importantly creates maturity scores measured against them. The real benefits lay in so many areas. The tool has been built from the experience of hundreds of engagements and looks at many thousand capabilities. Once completed it allows any organisation to both see where the priorities lay for improvements and of course as they are made the model can be updated and reassessed as the journey of a target operating model continues.

Want to see PEAK in action? Well, we speak of its visuality as this short video demonstrates.

PEAK - Using Altus models to accelerate understanding the impact of change


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