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No Code Low Code Technologies - What's all the buzz about?
We are delighted to host this webinar on behalf of global technology provider FintechOS.

The world of digital system development is changing rapidly.  But do you know why and how some companies are leapfrogging their competition, delivering omni channel digital systems in a fraction of the time and cost it takes their competitors? What’s their secret? What’s all the ‘buzz’ about ‘no code / low code’ application development tools?

We invite you join us during this FintechOS webinar on 8th July at 11 am, which will:

  • Introduce the world of ‘no code / low code’ tools,
  • Explain why now is the right time to consider them for your organisation,
  • Highlight how value can be maximised by using Financial Services optimised tools,
  • Highlight benefits companies have already realised, through case study, discussion and Q&A.

The webinar is free to attend and open to all.

We will also launch our new exclusive white paper on the day, and you will be able to download it during the webinar.


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