Mentoring Plus Volunteering Day
As part of our team building and volunteering efforts, we redecorated Mentoring Plus' front office to offer a modern and welcoming environment.

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Executive Director, Ruth Kiely at Mentoring Plus commented: "It was such a positive feeling when a team from Altus called and offered some help – and we asked for their time and skills decorating my really tatty little office to create a welcoming space for a meeting room. We loved that they found ways to upcycle office furniture to make a brilliant meeting space, and when they learned how much our young people love baking with the mentors, they offered to donate a new range oven to replace our very old and tired one. It felt like Christmas!

The team dropped off everything a few days before and then came along on one of the hottest days of the year and really impressed everyone with their efficiency, teamwork and the quality of the result. They must have been melting! I assumed we’d need to clean up after them but no – the place was spotless. Sometimes enabling volunteers can involve a lot of work for our staff, but the Altus team just cracked on and were great to have around. It means such a lot to us that a local organisation chose to support us, and in such a practical and helpful way. We are a community charity supporting children and young people who are struggling with education, family difficulties or poor mental wellbeing. We rely on our community for adult volunteers to train as one to one mentors, and we rely on local donors and businesses to help us fund this important work."

Mentoring Plus are a non-profit organisation helping young people in our community with services and activities. They train and support adult volunteers to mentor 7 – 21 year olds needing extra support with family, education, emotional needs and employability.

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