Altus Transfer Gateway
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Altus technology drives innovation in electronic transfers
Interactive Investor, one of the UK’s largest execution-only stockbrokers, adopts the Altus Transfer Gateway.

In a post Retail Distribution Review (RDR) landscape, major pricing changes and increased cost transparency have seen a high volume of customers switching provider.  Against this backdrop, Interactive Investor, one of the UK’s largest execution-only stockbrokers has implemented Altus Transfer Gateway technology (ATG) to ensure customers switching to its platform benefit from a faster, more efficient electronic transfer.

Altus’ electronic transfer technology ATG dramatically reduces the online transfer processing time of 8-12 weeks to less than 2 weeks, where a transfer counterparty is also using electronic standards.

Altus Systems Sales Director Howard Finnegan commented: “Automating the entire process of transferring client portfolios including funds, equities, ISAs and pensions quickly, easily and cheaply with ATG should enable platforms to reduce or eliminate exit transfer charges, ultimately benefiting the investor.  ’

The speedy transfer times facilitated by ATG make Interactive Investor one of the most attractive platforms for investors in today’s market.”

Interactive Investor Chief Executive Adam Seale added: “We wholly endorse the benefits of ATG and its support for open standards which has provided the foundations for a new world of D2C investing.  By adopting Altus Transfer Gateway not only has our service become more efficient, but more importantly it has transformed the customer transfer experience by dramatically reducing the transfer time.”

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