Altus Transfer Gateway
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Altus releases version 3.0 of its Altus Transfer Gateway (ATG)
Altus has released version 3.0 of its market-leading product, Altus Transfer Gateway (ATG).

ATG offers platforms providers, pension administrators, wealth managers, custodians and fund managers a simple and economic solution for automating account transfers and asset re-registrations. It supports open interoperable standards and is currently used by over 40 of the leading Investment platforms, wealth managers, custodians and D2C/execution only stockbrokers. 

ATG version 3.0 supports the latest version of the UK Electronic Transfers and Re-registration Group (UKERTG) standards. It focuses on the automation of all aspects of the transfer process from account opening to final reconciliation, and includes the following new features:

  • Extended support for investment wrappers
  • Enhanced Counter Party management
  • Enhanced Workflow and Process capabilities
  • Enhanced Integration capabilities.

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