Altus provides foundation for Pensions Dashboard prototype
Altushas successfully delivered key components of the Pensions Dashboard prototype on behalf of NOW: Pensions.

The Pensions Dashboard is a platform that will let savers see all their pension pots in one place and will help them to plan for their retirement more effectively. The Treasury has successfully secured agreement from 17 of the largest pension providers to build the first prototype, due to be unveiled over the coming weeks.

NOW: Pensions, one of the pension providers connecting into the prototype service to provide member pension data, approached Altus to help connect their internal systems infrastructure to the Pension Dashboard.

Peter Thomson, Director of IT at Now: Pensions, commented: “It became clear at the outset of the HMT Pensions Dashboard Prototype project that it was vital to provide, as close as we could, real-world architecture working with real-world systems over the internet. Altus understood this and provided expert support and technical knowledge in delivering an endpoint solution for NOW: Pensions to a very tight deadline. The endpoint integration proved we could display to government and industry stakeholders that the infrastructure for a successful Pensions Dashboard exists today, and will support the ambition for the final product. Through their clear, simple and collaborative approach, Ben and his team were a true pleasure to work with.”

Ben Cocks, Business Systems Director at Altus, added: “Connecting pension providers to the pension dashboard infrastructure is the foundation of the whole initiative and, given the nature of UK pension administration, it’s going to be the hardest part of the project. It’s been great working with a forward thinking pension provider like NOW: Pensions to take on this challenge.”

The final Pensions Dashboard infrastructure is due to be ready for public use in 2019.

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