Technical Architecture

Altus has been undertaking technical architecture assignments with leading financial services companies since the company's foundation in 2005. Technical Architecture consultancy is an established competency for Altus and is in high demand. The Altus Technical Architecture team offers a complete service from Enterprise Architecture right through the iterations of details to Solution Architecture.


"We engaged Altus to help with our Enterprise and Solution architecture on a new digital customer proposition. Working closely with our proposition owner, in-house development team and outsourced IT partners, they quickly drew up a detailed view of where we were, where we needed to be and how we would get there, ensuring all components in the existing architecture were covered, and all partners were clear on who was providing what. This continued as we evolved our thinking, and approach (agile at the front end, waterfall with outsourced providers) and provided a huge amount of value in the understanding of technology, applications, data and infrastructure as well as the delivery methodology and stakeholder management. They were pivotal to the success of this project, including on-going propositional development since launch".

Altus Technical Architects help organisations set IT strategy and ensure its alignment to goals, governing technical change and helping shape and scope the technical aspects of business and IT change programs.

For business change to be successful, early engagement of a skilled IT architect is essential to articulate the IT impact and to help decision makers make the key technical decisions that will drive the solution forward.

Altus Solutions Architects are closely associated with the day-to-day of change projects, being responsible for turning the technical architectural vision into an executable project design.

Our architects are leaders with both broad IT knowledge and a detailed understanding of Financial Services and business operations. With the ability to call upon the wealth of collective IT experience within Altus and our range of industry reference models, we can provide the reassurance you need at the earliest stage of your project.


  • IT & Domain Strategy
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Reference Architecture
  • Operating Model
  • Vendor Selection
  • Market Research


  • Strategy Review
  • IT Run Cost
  • Maturity Assessment
  • IT Landscape Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Transformation Governance


  • Programme Architecture
  • Solution Architecture and General Project Resourcing
  • Agile Adoption
  • Design Authority
  • Project Turn-around

Technical Innovation

  • Blockchain
  • Frictionless Onboarding

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