Regulation is one of the biggest drivers of change in Financial Services and most change portfolios are full of compliance projects. Tackling each regulatory initiative in isolation is fine but, here at Altus, we try to provide a broader perspective than that by mapping the impact of all major regulation against our industry models.
The Altus Constraints Framework gives us a clear basis on which to make some very important business decisions
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It means we can help clients work out not just how to approach the immediate challenge of new legislation but how it fits in the broader portfolio – enabling them to optimise their change spend and avoid reinventing wheels.

There’s no such thing as a “typical” assignment but here are some examples of project successes: 

  • Offshore RDR Programme design
  • Solvency II performance architecture
  • Auto-enrolment solutions evaluation
  • RDR Programme review
  • VVG German Insurance Law disclosure
  • RDR Platform advisory
  • Adviser Charging solution design

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