Industry Models

Our Financial Services-specific industry models sit at the heart of what we do. They provide a significant head-start for you and a common industry reference point in any Altus consultancy engagement. Built-up over a number of years using proven engineering techniques, our models provide a blue-print for the structure and operation of an FS organisation. We take enormous care in constructing and maintaining our models to reflect the latest industry understanding, regulation and market context, and we present them in a clear, easy-to-understand form.


Altus gave us the clearest picture we have ever had of our whole operation and a great foundation for building our future business.

Our models are available to purchase off-the-shelf, to incorporate as part of a consultancy engagement or we can construct them to order for all or parts of your business.

The key models that we provide include:

  • Business Capability Model – describes everything that a FS company does, from distribution to finance and from product development to claim handling.
  • Process Framework – provides a top level visual summary of the end-to-end business processes within the business and how these contribute to its value chain.
  • Product Model – represents visually the specific combinations of features which make up each particular product.
  • Domain Models defines in detail the information that your organisation needs to manage and process to service those products.

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