Delivering solutions in the complex world of financial services can sometimes seem like tackling a giant jigsaw but without the picture.  Altus provides that picture in the form of a rich set of industry models developed and refined over many years.

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Regulation is one of the biggest drivers of change in Financial Services and most change portfolios are full of compliance projects. Tackling each regulatory initiative in isolation is fine but, here at Altus, we try to provide a broader perspective than that by mapping the impact of all major regulation against our industry models.


Many potentially brilliant strategies fail to deliver because they never connect with the practical end of the business. Altus specialises in turning strategic plans into operational reality by applying them to our industry models to test their impact, tease out the consequences and ensure the detailed business design really works.


There is no shortage of methods in the world of operational efficiency. Lean, Six-Sigma, Kaizen, 5S all offer to dramatically improve the performance of your business processing. Having used several of them, Altus can vouch for many of the efficiency claims but we also know there is an important missing ingredient; the big picture.

Technical Architecture

Altus has been undertaking technical architecture assignments with leading financial services companies since the company's foundation in 2005. Technical Architecture consultancy is an established competency for Altus and is in high demand. The Altus Technical Architecture team offers a complete service from Enterprise Architecture right through the iterations of details to Solution Architecture.

Industry Models

Our Financial Services-specific industry models sit at the heart of what we do. They provide a significant head-start for you and a common industry reference point in any Altus consultancy engagement. Built-up over a number of years using proven engineering techniques, our models provide a blue-print for the structure and operation of an FS organisation. We take enormous care in constructing and maintaining our models to reflect the latest industry understanding, regulation and market context, and we present them in a clear, easy-to-understand form.