Technical Architects

Technical Architecture has been an Altus core competency since the foundation of the company. There is much hype and confusion surrounding the term ‘architect’ and the distinction between the roles of the technical architect and the solution architect in particular are often blurred.

Altus clearly understands technical architecture. Everything they designed was rigorously analysed and cleanly separated.
VSA Consultants

Altus technical architects typically operate at the highest level of the organisation, setting IT strategy and ensuring its alignment to the organisations goals; helping to shape and scope business and IT change programmes in respect of its technology elements; and overseeing and governing technical change. For business change to be successful, early engagement of a skilled IT architect is essential to articulate the IT impact and to make the key technical decisions that will drive the solution.

Altus Solution Architects are typically much closer associated with the day-to-day of change projects, being responsible for turning the technical architecture vision into project design.

Our architects are leaders with both broad IT knowledge and a detailed understanding of Financial Services and business operations. With the ability to call upon the wealth of collective IT experience within Altus and our range of industry reference models, they can provide the reassurance you need at the earliest stage of your project.

Some key Technical Architecture competencies include:

  • IT strategy
  • IT operating models
  • IT reference architectures
  • Application landscape design
  • IT change shaping and scoping
  • Technology selection
  • Infrastructure re-hosting
  • IT design authority/governance
  • IT Outsourcing