Programme/Project Managers

All projects need someone who understands the totality of the change; the business drivers, the requirements, the process changes required and the system changes being made to support these. The complex regulations, processes and systems landscapes in Financial Services make this all the more important. You need more than just a project manager.

Altus took us on a journey of discovery – we all look at the world very differently now.

Altus programme and project managers understand FS change. In addition to being disciplined PMs, they provide a joined-up view, spanning organisational, process and technical change, ensuring that the right questions are addressed at the right point and avoiding nasty surprises arising later.

On small projects and individual workstreams, clients often use an Altus project manager in place of separate PMs and business architects, ensuring there’s no gap between the business and the technical and giving you two for the price of one. On larger projects and programmes, they provide an additional level of governance and design leadership across workstreams, ensuring that the designs produced for each element of the solution integrate cleanly and that there are no functional, technical or delivery gaps.

Example experience:

  • We provided a project leader for a European LP&I provider implementing a new point of sale illustration system to support the German “VVG” reforms. The project was drifting in the early stages and Altus were brought in to kick-start the project. After successful delivery, we provided ongoing oversight as the project was extended to cover the Austrian market.

  • Altus project leadership helped a major UK LP&I provider to move several of their critical systems from legacy technology platforms to a new .NET-based architecture. Using their understanding of both the technologies in use and the business context, the Altus Project lead was also able to provide technical design leadership across the solution.

Key skills:

  • Programme/Project management
  • Understanding of the structure of FS companies and their regulation;
  • Benefits estimation, business cases and tracking;
  • Requirements analysis;
  • Solution selection;
  • Vendor management.