IT Solution Architects

The requirements of Solvency II and RDR are introducing yet more complexity into an already crowded and multi-dimensional landscape. No development is truly “green field”. The role of the IT solution architect is absolutely vital in translating the overall vision for your change into the practical IT solutions that are required, whilst considering all of the potential impacts and constraints.

Altus brought a rare ability to engage a business audience and help them see the relevance of technology to their own issues.


Altus IT Solution Architects have experience with many of the key systems in the industry, from policy administration and distribution systems to CRM, workflow and reporting tools. They understand the infrastructure, and how to get the performance required to support the business in a way that meets the ever-increasing demands for security. They also understand the industry, its regulation and the practical restrictions that this imposes on possible solutions. This combination of experience means our IT Solution Architects can get you to the right design, and get it approved faster.

Altus were the IT architecture partner for Lloyds Banking Group Insurance during its £3.6bn integration programme and undertook over 40 IT solution architecture engagements.

Key areas of expertise includes:

  • Most of the major policy administration systems (general insurance, life insurance);
  • Agency management systems, extensive experience of UK distribution landscape (IFAs, bancassurance, networks), including extensive knowledge of the changes caused by RDR ;
  • Transfer Agency;
  • Workflow and image technologies;
  • Document management;
  • Calculation and pricing engines;
  • Financial ledgers;
  • Data analytics and reporting.

Key technology experience includes:

  • n-Tier (.NET, Java) development;
  • Web and mobile web development technologies;
  • DBMS (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2);
  • Core industry protocols (SWIFT, ISO 20022, UK market practices (ViaNova, UKFMP));
  • Integration (SOA, WS-*, SOAP, ESB);
  • Security;
  • System scaling, performance analysis and infrastructure specification.