Industry Specialists

At some stage in its lifecycle, complex business change programmes will consider two questions: “is the change we are delivering in line with the rest of the industry”? And “how can we get the level of expertise we need from the business for this change”?

Altus has brought a refreshing combination of big-picture architecture thinking together with practical real world L&P experience
Capita L&P

As a consultancy and products provider specialising in Financial Services, our business is to understand the industry, its structure, the people, the operations and the regulations that impact it.  We have a number of highly skilled senior consultants with particular expertise in specific domains – SMEs if you prefer – who are typically used to advise and supplement our clients’ projects to provide a healthy external viewpoint and comfort factor; and to negate the single point of failure that typically occurs where knowledge is wrapped up in specific, busy individuals in the business.

However, Altus provides you with more than a just a ‘hired brain’.  You get the backing of the analysis and thinking that we do behind the scenes to build and maintain our industry models as well as access to our collective experience and a range of techniques and visualisations to help explore the subject area.  Engagements are typically ‘as required’, we provide expertise as and when you need it, for instance to support key workshops or strategic design meetings, meaning you can afford to spread this essential input prudently.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Life & Pensions
  • Wrap
  • General Insurance
  • Investment Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Regulation: RDR, FATCA, Auto Enrolment, Solvency II

Key skills include:

  • Industry insight
  • Senior stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic and Operational advice
  • Industry models
  • Workshops and exploratory sessions
  • Illustrative techniques