Business Architects

The remit of the business architect is to provide a common view of the key operating dimensions of the business – organisation, capabilities, processes, and business information – and to ensure that projects are changing and developing these in line with the strategic needs of the business.

The Altus consultants fitted in really well with our team and did a great job of building the models with us collaboratively. Their open approach to sharing knowledge and mentoring our staff means we have been able to build on the work they did and really embed it in the way we do change.

Call them the senior business representatives, business design leads or principal business analysts, there has typically been someone on a project responsible for articulating business consequences, liaising with business stakeholders and who takes responsibility for the business design. The relatively recent discipline of the project-based business architect formalises many of the key responsibilities of these into a distinct project role. A role which Financial Services businesses in particular have readily adopted, confronted as they are with complex, multi-dimensional change challenges.

Altus can provide highly experienced business architects, working alongside your existing business architecture function if you have one, to support the full breadth of strategy, operating model, business change shaping and design authority/governance. In addition we specialise in providing more hands on project-based business architects, providing that essential link from strategy and operating model through to the business change your project is designing and delivering. In both of these roles we can add significant value quickly through deployment of our industry models and through our understanding of both the business and technology impacts of FS change.

Some key competencies include:

  • Strategy analysis and business modelling
  • Target Operating Model definition
  • Capability and Process model
  • Project scoping, shaping and business design
  • Business design integrity review
  • Project design options and KDD resolution
  • On-project business design and governance
  • Business process transformation
  • Operational efficiency
  • Outsourcing